Even with the ongoing world-wide hair system production issues related to COVID-19, hair loss sufferers should understand that finding a hair replacement center that can serve their needs exceedingly well is still only just a phone call away. Working with dedicated, experienced professionals who have the passion and determination to deliver a wide spectrum of hair loss solutions for their customers through this adversity is especially important. Non-surgical hair replacement isn’t a one-size-fits-all product, and everyone’s needs differ greatly, so having the power of choice in your hands is a rare amenity in these challenging times.

As Sacramento’s #1 hair replacement and restoration resource, Elite Hair Loss Solutions provides the most diverse selection of hair systems beyond our competitors, and it is a badge of honor we take great pride in. Having vastly more hair inventory than anyone else in the area gives us the opportunity to not only rescue existing hair wearers that are being served poorly elsewhere, but also allows us to deliver hair expeditiously even to those who are brand new to wearing hair replacement systems. After all, you shouldn’t have to wait…you deserve to look your best now!

Elite Lace Delivers the Hairline You’ve Always Wanted

While Elite Hair Loss Solutions offers many first-class restorative options, we are especially excited about our newest Elite Lace hair replacement system that is rapidly becoming the go-to choice for our Elite Men who desire that “next level” natural looking hair line without breaking the bank. The Elite Lace instantly delivers the visual effect of surgical transplants without the sacrifice of your own precious bio hair, pain, and recovery time. It offers the affordability, speed, and convenience of a simple 90-minute non-surgical application.

The Elite Lace non-surgical graft features a fine French Lace front as well as a V-loop hair construction meaning there are no visible knots! These features combine to create the immaculate illusion of a naturally growing hairline which is one of the most vital aspects of achieving an extraordinarily natural appearance in a hair system. This far and away separates the Elite Lace from much lesser hair systems such as perimeter or heavier skin-based systems.

Do you work out? The included mono venting delivers maximum breathability and is ideal for guys who are physically active or have an overly oily scalp and ensures secure bonding. Elite Lace also features a medium density Remy and human hair blend with a natural wave as well as a freestyle design that gives us as your hair replacement specialists, the ability to beautifully blend this system with your own hair, and the versatility to provide you a wide range of hair styles. Elite Lace is not designed for full-cap applications, but is fully customizable to your pattern of hair loss by our Elite team of licensed professionals. It is THE game-changing hair system you’ve been waiting for!

the elite lace front system for men is a game changer inline

Experience Hair Restoration & Our Dedication to You!

No other Sacramento area hair replacement company offers the timely convenience to immediately deliver hair replacement systems like Elite Hair Loss Solutions can. As hair loss sufferers ourselves, we understand what you are going through! Elite Hair Loss Solutions offers anyone who reaches out to us for help, a one-hour private complimentary consultation with one of our Elite Hair Restoration Experts. We will assess and provide you with valuable information about your hair loss, as well as the non-surgical recommendations that best suit your needs. To learn more about the Elite Lace hair system, as well as our many other hair replacement options, contact us today to schedule your consultation.