The CNC by Cesare Ragazzi is a highly advanced medical grade cranial prosthesis and is the result of over 50 years of research, development, and innovation. It is the unchallenged envy of the hair restoration industry! This exquisite, customized hair loss solution is created in Bologna, Italy and features precision design and supreme hair quality that every other hair restoration manufacturer can only dream of. If you’ve ever wondered if a superior hair system for women exists…the answer is a resounding YES!

Who is an Ideal Candidate for the CNC?

The unique characteristics of the CNC base material allow for a diverse range of hair loss sufferers. The CNC assists thousands of people world-wide who are experiencing androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis, and trichotillomania. Even those individuals who have experienced physical trauma, burns, injury, chemical damage, or chemotherapy can enjoy the benefits of the CNC and live their lives without compromise. Whether we are restoring a hairline or creating a full cap prosthesis, the CNC gives us the ability to do it all for our Elite Guests!


CNC Women

How is the CNC System Different From Other Hair Systems?

Unlike other hair restoration systems, the CNC is designed specifically for YOU! There is nothing premade about the CNC and it is designed 100% to your unique specifications. From design, to hair length, color tones, texture, even the denier of the strand, no detail is too small with the CNC. A two stage molding process is performed to create a perfect clone mold of your scalp, as well as a by-cast mold that reflects the pattern of hair loss we are restoring. A 3-D printed technology is utilized based on a scan of your scalp that replicates the contour, shape, and characteristics of your head precisely.

Your base membrane actually starts out in a liquid form and is applied in layers to your clone mold with curing time between applications. The finished membrane contains of a pigmentation that will match your individual skin tone perfectly and features anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties. There are various hair restoration system molding methods and base materials out there, but they cannot match the absolute precision and technology of the CNC.

What Makes CNC Hair Better Than Other Hair System Hair?

While every aspect of the CNC we’ve talked about thus far is special, those details reflect elements that make for a customized precision fit and unique technologies. Exciting stuff, but how about the feel? The look? The real, true star of the CNC is what our Elite Guests love to show off…the hair itself! The CNC by Cesare Ragazzi uses ONLY the finest, sourced, 100% virgin European unprocessed “grail” hair and it is implanted individually by hand by the root end ensuring perfect cuticle harmony and delivers ease of styling, long wear, and soft, exceptional beauty. CNC hair is light years beyond what typical processed hair delivers, and is even superior to other European hair that is sometimes found in other hair restoration systems.

Think of the CNC system as the Louis Vuitton of hair restoration compared to an off-brand hair system that looks fine for a while but needs to be replaced frequently and ultimately just doesn’t measure up. The reality is, a knock-off is still a knock-off and sometimes you simply just want the best of the best. You can be assured; your long-lasting CNC will look fantastic all day, every day and will leave you never wanting anything else. It’s all about the hair after all, and it’s the reason the CNC by Cesare Ragazzi is our crown jewel of all women’s restorative products we offer our Elite Guests.

How Long Does it Take to Create my CNC?

Due to COVID-19 and labor limitations with overseas factories, getting a hair restoration system made with customized features in normal time is impossible these days. Custom hair system orders from other factories around the world are currently taking anywhere from 6 to 12 full months during the COVID-19 pandemic! Fortunately, your Cesare Ragazzi CNC only takes about 3 months for production. This is an amazing reality since the journey of your CNC is a 39-stage production process and much more detailed than traditional custom hair system orders. Not only can you have the finest personalized hair system available anywhere, you can get it faster than any other custom hair system out there!

How Much Does a CNC Cost?

Pricing is determined by two primary components. Hair length is a key consideration since a shorter hair length is significantly less expensive than a longer length. The sizing of your CNC is the other component that has the highest effect on price as it is based on the square centimeters of the system itself. We are always happy to give you a personal price quote free of charge, but this must be done in person.

How Can I Get my CNC?

The CNC by Cesare Ragazzi can only be found in Sacramento, California exclusively at Elite Hair Loss Solutions. We offer a private clinical setting with experienced, compassionate hair loss experts who are Cesare Ragazzi CNC Certified and dedicated to delivering the hair of your dreams! You too can experience the world’s finest, customized hair restoration system created in Bologna, Italy! Explore your possibilities by contacting us today to schedule your complementary CNC hair restoration consultation appointment. You owe it to yourself.