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We all want to look and feel our very best every day, but it is the magic of the holiday season that brings us all together in more special and meaningful ways. This is the time of year when we gather with friends, family, and even business-related social events, and presenting that very best version of “you” somehow seems just a bit more important. When it comes to addressing your hair loss, non-surgical hair restoration is the ideal, non-invasive, fast, and easy method of delivering the image you want to present to the world.

Hair plays a vital role in who we are, not only in how others see us but also in how we see ourselves. Many men and women believe that hair loss is an inevitable fact of life, but fortunately today, there are natural looking, immediate methods for restoring one’s hair. Science and technology have enabled us to have a greater understanding of the causes of hair loss, but when it comes to hair restoration options, there are more high-quality hair replacement systems and enhancements than ever before. While the choices may seem overwhelming at first, please remember, options are good and skilled professionals have the expertise to deliver you a spectacular look!

The Right Option…For You!

For many years, addressing one’s hair loss used to mean choosing between a bad looking rug, wig, or toupee’ or even worse, invasive transplant surgery. Non-surgical hair replacement grafts of today, take advantage of the latest technologies to create an amazingly lifelike non-surgical solution. In well trained hands, the right hair system selected specifically for your hair loss situation that perfectly matches your own hair, can achieve an amazingly natural aesthetic result. Elite Hair Loss Solutions’ extensive catalogue of products and services includes world-class hair loss solutions designed to address every phase of hair loss from early, to moderate to total hair loss. No matter your hair loss problem, Elite has your answer!

We offer:

The Time Factor Advantage!

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With well over 100 years of combined industry experience, the licensed team of professionals at Elite Hair Loss Solutions provide not only expert personalized service, but also offer more hair replacement inventory than any other company or “club” in the Sacramento area. This gives our Elite Team, the distinct advantage over every other local hair replacement center! We have the ability to deliver meaningful restorative results for most men and women in days, not weeks or months! We even have the pleasure of sometimes being able to deliver instant gratification on the same-day as your consultation appointment when scheduling permits.
Take Control of Your Hair Loss Today!

Don’t let your hair loss hold you back from celebrating the holidays or enjoying life to the fullest! Instead of feeling self-conscious, enjoy the freedom of no longer worrying about your hair loss and embracing the self-confidence that comes from knowing that you look your very best because you had the courage to take control of your hair loss once and for all! There is still time to address your hair loss before those scheduled holiday gatherings to let the experienced professionals at Elite Hair Loss Solutions assist you!

Choosing the best hair restoration option and achieving the desired results begins with a simple, no-pressure free scalp and hair analysis. This private hair loss evaluation consultation appointment allows us to identify the cause of your thinning hair, and our knowledgeable experts will develop a custom hair loss solution that is designed specifically for you. Contact us today and take control….you are worth it!