To care for your human hair system, you just need to be aware of a few simple things, and it is really quite easy. Your hair system is cut hair and not growth hair so it is a little different than your own hair. It does not receive any protein or oils from your scalp like your own growth hair does. The only oily build-up is from the products you put on for styling and conditioning. For this very same reason, cut human hair if not cared for properly has a tendency to get dry. This is not a problem with proper product selection and use. Follow these suggestions and you should experience no problems.

  1. Select a sulfate-free shampoo. Until about ten years ago all shampoos had either Sodium Lauryl or Sodium Laureth Sulfate in them. It is a cleansing agent and makes the shampoo lather, so you think it is really working. There is current research and much discussion as to whether it causes cancer but it is a known skin irritant. Our main concern is it will dry out your hair. This is a common complaint for the uninformed hair wearer. The primary components of hair products are not that hard to find. Just read the ingredients on the back of the bottle, it is usually in the first three ingredients listed.
  2. Always shampoo your hair from the root down. For short hair like men, you can use a front-to-back stroke. Please avoid circular or even back and forth motions as these will result in tangling or even matting of the hair. This is something you want to avoid; ask your hair restoration expert for help with this if it is not clear.
  3. Always condition your hair. I know guys you don’t like to hear this, but it is critical in the proper care of your hair. You also want to start conditioning away from the root because the conditioner can loosen the knots if your hair is hand-tied. Ask your hair restoration expert to guide you through this as well.
  4. Use some sort of moisturizer or leave-in conditioner. Remember, you need to replace what the cut hair is no longer getting from your scalp. Ask your hair restoration specialist for help with a good product. I have the best results starting at the end (away from the root) for combing or brushing my hair after washing and conditioning. If you start at the root end, you may pull out hair that can be easily avoided by following these simple instructions.

Follow these few easy steps and wearing hair is not something you have to deal with but the solution to your problem you were searching for. Please consult with a qualified Hair Restoration expert regarding the proper care of your hair. It is an investment you want to protect, but with a little care on your part, it does not need to be a burden.

To get answers about restoring your hair, contact Elite Hair Loss Solutions of Sacramento, and let us help you find your way back to a natural full head of hair.