Here at Elite Hair Loss Solutions, part of our job as your trusted group of hair restoration professionals is to continuously search for products around the world that allow us to create visual results that will positively impact your life. There are vast sources of hair restoration products world-wide ranging from exceptional to very poor. Taking the time to perform our due diligence to weed out those low-quality products (which there is an abundance of), is an essential process for us and something we take very seriously. Only after performing our own quality control and thorough testing phases with positive results does a product earn our trust. This trust is a mandatory element before any new product is made available to our valued Elite Guests.

Getting Your Edge Back Has Never Been Easier…or Cooler!

We have male Guests ranging from their early 20’s to their early 90’s and one thing they all have in common is that they all want to look great. More and more Millennials these days however are now experiencing hair loss and simply aren’t satisfied with shaving their heads, wearing caps, and even worse…doing the comb-over. They want a better image to present to the world.

Fortunately, a non-surgical restorative solution has emerged that is fresh and exciting and is giving a whole new generation of guys their edge back! French based Hairskeen by Cosmecare, has seen its popularity soar not only with men of all ages, but especially with those millennials who are facing early-age male pattern baldness. Hairskeen for men is an exciting hair restoration product Elite Hair Loss Solutions of Sacramento first introduced to our Guests in 2019 and has since become the go-to choice particularly for our younger guys.

Hairskeen Men

What’s Your Vibe?

Whether you’re into a cool, artistic, urban vibe like these guys, or if you want something more mainstream, be assured, Hairskeen has the answer you're looking for. Hairskeen’s innovative and versatile hair system is an advanced European non-surgical solution that gives us the ultimate tool to deliver you the great look you want with a natural hairline in an epically cool hairstyle. It instantly reverses what hair loss has stolen from you! Restoring your hair without surgery has never been easier and your results will take your image, and self-confidence to the next level!

European Quality You Can Trust

Every Hairskeen hair restoration system undergoes a five-point quality inspection protocol ensuring hair quality and a unique hair ventilating technique that preserves the integrity of the hair during production. Hairskeen’s innovative V-loop application gives you the perfect balance of durability and believability ensuring the natural result that every guy who is experiencing hair loss really wants. Swim, exercise and enjoy physical activities without concern. You’ll have a stellar look from a great product that is easy to style, easy to care for, and worry-free.

How is Hair Loss Affecting Your Life?

Let’s face it, hair loss sucks! It makes you look and sometimes feel older than you really are. Your “relationship” with hair loss is never a healthy one and can actually stop you from living your life in many ways. It changes how you relate with others and how they relate with you! Facing any situation that doesn’t allow you to project yourself with anything less than 100% confidence isn’t acceptable. Those of us who’ve experienced hair loss have seen or felt the eyes of others looking at the top of our heads wondering why you’ve lost your hair. It isn’t fun and makes us self-conscious and shatters our confidence. Hair loss is a relationship you never want or need!

Positive Change Starts Here & Now

It’s important not to let fear of the unknown stop you from something that could be life-altering. You owe it to yourself to explore your possibilities. Hairskeen will change not only how you feel about yourself, but will also change how other people interact with you. Enjoy the freedom of going on that first date and being supremely confident with your appearance or attending that special event and knowing you are looking your very best. We are here to educate, inform, and answer all of your questions about Hairskeen as well as any of our other restorative products. Allow us to introduce you to this amazing service that will restore your confidence and make you forget you ever had a hair loss problem.

Our Elite Team and Hairskeen’s non-surgical hair restoration excellence will deliver you instant gratification with a quick and easy 90 minute transformation that is painless, comfortable, and natural looking. Hairskeen delivers confidence, freedom….and life! Contact Elite Hair Loss Solutions in Sacramento, California to schedule your Free, private no-hassle consultation. It’s time to tell your hair loss…”the relationship is over!”