DHT is the abbreviation for Dihydrotestosterone. In simple terms, it is a bi-product of a hormone combining with an enzyme, an androgen and a 5a-reductase. They synthesize DHT which can show up in the hair follicle of both men and women. Androgenic Alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, is caused by the hair follicles' sensitivity to DHT. This causes the hair follicle to shrink and shortens the life span as well as the abnormal production of hair. The dermal papilla is responsible for the growth of hair and that makes it the most important part of the hair follicle. The papilla cells divide to form new hair follicles. The papilla gets its essential nutrients from direct contact with the skins blood capillaries. When DHT gets into the papilla it disrupts the normal process of nutrients being absorbed and the rest cycle of the hair follicle is extended and the growing cycle gets shorter. This is when the miniaturization of the hair follicle starts until it eventually reaches the vellus stage. Vellus hair is short, thin and very fine and often referred to as peach fuzz.

Experts state that that 95% of male pattern baldness occurs due to the effects of DHT. The amount of DHT one produces depends on their genetic make-up but the more produced the more miniaturization resulting in more hair loss. The good news is that there are treatments to help combat DHT and the hair loss it causes. If you catch it soon enough you can stop the hair loss and in some cases re-grow your hair. We suggest you seek a qualified trichology trained specialist as soon as possible and see what your personal solution is.

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