The holiday season is at our door step, and 2022 will be here in a blink! This is the time of the year we give thoughtful consideration to New Year’s resolutions and meaningful contemplation toward individual self-improvement. Have you begun to think about personal changes to make the absolute most of the coming year and dedicating yourself to bringing forward the very best version of YOU? If hair loss has been one of those elements that has been holding you back in your social life, your job (or both), there really is no reason to wait until the New Year.

Determining the right hair loss solution for you requires contacting an experienced, reputable hair restoration company that offers a wide range of natural-looking solutions. Here at Elite Hair Loss Solutions, we are often asked which hair loss solution product offers the best quality. The answer is always an easy one. When it comes to men and women’s non-surgical hair restoration systems, there is nothing available anywhere else like the CNC and iTHIN by CRLAB.

The CRLAB Difference

crlab ruth inline scale 360wCRLAB, located in Bologna, Italy, is the innovator of the world-famous CNC hair system and is the culmination of over 50 years of research and development. The CNC, is a medical-grade prosthetic that perfectly replicates the individual characteristics of the scalp ensuring for a comfortable and precise application. It is 100% customized for the individual’s needs and can be created for the restoration of small areas of hair loss, to a full cranial prosthesis.

Our Elite Guest ladies demand exquisite hair quality, which is the true shining star of the CNC. The European 100% virgin unprocessed hair delivers ease of styling and luxurious beauty that aren’t found in other hair restoration systems. CRLAB even offers a hair extension prosthetic system known as the CNC-XT for crown and back of head application. In short, no matter your hair loss problem, CRLAB has the answer for you!

crlab ithin

Is there a CNC hair loss solution for men? The answer is…absolutely yes, but the most popular choice for our Elite guys however, is its close cousin the iTHIN, which is also created by CRLAB. It maintains all of the high-end technological characteristics and supreme hair quality of the CNC, except the iTHIN offers a much thinner semi-transparent non-pigmented base material. The advantage of this allows for a superior hair line and the added flexibility of shorter hair styles. The iTHIN offers the perfect combination of durability and believability!



What Sets the CNC, CNC-XT, & iTHIN Apart?

  • Perfect Scalp Replication
  • 100% Customized to You!
  • Clinical Precision
  • Exquisite Hair Quality
  • No Matting or Tangling
  • Ease of Styling
  • Medical Grade Base Material
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Anti-Bacterial Properties
  • Sweat, Sun, & Waterproof
  • Complete Confidence!

The Gift of Rediscovery!

Reaching the crossroads of addressing your hair loss once and for all, is something that all of us hair loss sufferers go through. We all understand because we’ve all been where you are right now. There is a defining moment when you see your reflection in the mirror, or a maybe picture of yourself when you realize your hair loss is progressed beyond a certain point and it’s just time to finally do something about it.

For more than 22 years, the hair restoration professionals at Elite Hair Loss Solutions has continuously evolved and introduced the finest hair loss solutions and innovations the world has to offer to their Elite Guests. The often copied, but never duplicated CNC & iTHIN hair restoration systems are the finest the world has to offer. These products, which we are especially proud to be able to present to you, can be found exclusively at Elite Hair Loss Solutions in Sacramento.

This is THE perfect moment to explore the possibilities to once and for all restore your image!  Give yourself the gift of self-confidence and social freedom, BEFORE the calendar flips to the New Year. Contact Elite Hair Loss Solutions today, and experience your life-altering CRLAB restorative miracle. It’s time to reintroduce that best version of yourself to the world!