Choosing the right hair extensions is very important

So many hair extensions...where to start?

If you are a girl who loves to have long, sexy, Kim Kardashian hair (or any of the Kardashian sisters)...then you need to pay close attention to this information. If you are thinking that all hair extensions are created equal, then you are not looking at reality. What we as consumers (I am also a client) have to understand is that just as Nike is known for their tennis shoes and Converse known for – well, just for being young – so are hair extensions. Each brand pretty much specializes in a specific technique. Yes, they can all try to provide different methods; however, they are going to master probably one or two, and so that is something you need to know.

It's important that we as the user buy hair extensions based on the condition of our hair and not by the beautiful advertising because – let's face it – some of us have very little hair to work with, while others have a bit more; however, if we want to wear hair extensions long term, which 85% of women do after trying hair extensions, then we better choose wisely. In order to choose the right product, we should seek a professional that is not only an expert in extensions but also understands the importance of one's hair.

The experience can sometimes be at a salon where everything is possible including losing your hair! But hair is far too precious for us to not investigate. So here are 4 things to consider when thinking of getting hair extensions:

  1. Is my hair thin to begin with?
  2. Which brand of product will specialize in the extensions that are best for me?
  3. How long will I wear them?
  4. Is the place I am going to knowledgeable regarding hair loss?

The good news is if you live in the Sacramento area or are willing to drive or fly in, you can visit my personal extensionistas at Elite Hair Loss Solutions. They will not compromise your hair but they will give you a gorgeous mane without the damage. Book your FREE, confidential consultation with us today!