Summer is upon us, and it’s the time of year when we all want to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and be active. Summertime and swimming are synonymous with each other and it’s important to understand that we don’t have to sacrifice beauty and self-image when it comes to taking a cool dip while wearing a hair restoration product.

Having a hair restoration system is meant to not only restore your image, but allow you the freedom to live and enjoy a full and confident life. If you are experiencing hair loss and have been considering a hair restoration system, but are hesitant because of warmer climate, there is no reason to wait for cooler weather.

Can I Swim With a Hair Replacement System?

Yes, absolutely! Restoring your hair with a hair enhancement product shouldn’t prohibit physical activities and swimming and water sports. They are an important aspect of social relaxation and relieving ourselves from triple digit temperatures. Getting your hair wet in a swimming pool or ocean isn’t at all an issue, but there are a few easy steps that you should be taking to preserve the investment you’ve made, or are planning to make in your hair system.

Harmful Elements & Your Hair

Our hair acts like a sponge and will absorb whatever water type we allow it contact with, so the chemicals and salt agents found in these refreshing bodies of water are what we need to be mindful of. Specifically, the Cortex (which is the thickest layer of your hair), is the component of your hair that assimilates and holds moisture when it is wet. As you may know, chlorine can make your skin feel dry, but it also removes hydration elements and natural oils that can leave your hair feeling rough and looking damaged.


Chlorine can also induce chemical reactions in your hair that can even cause it to change color, weaken individual strands, and cause split ends. Allowing such harmful agents to absorb into your own bio hair and your replacement system isn’t 100% avoidable, but the idea is to minimize it as much as possible so extensive damage may be avoided. The great news, is that the solution for this is rather a simple one.

What Can I Do To Protect My Hair System?

Before you go swimming, rinse your hair restoration system (and own bio hair), in freshwater. Whether using tap water, or even better, bottled water, getting that inner Cortex of each strand of hair to absorb as much of the “purer” water as possible will prevent your hair system from soaking up excessive amounts of chlorine or salt.

It’s also important to make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly after swimming to wash out any minimal absorption afterward as well as using generous amounts of conditioner on your hair to help restore and maintain the softness and shine. Other alternatives to protecting your hair restoration system are to wear a swimming cap to prevent excessive exposure and to use a proper medical-grade adhesive designed for the water. Be sure to let your Elite Team Member know if you intend on engaging in frequent water activities anytime soon.

Professional Experience You Can Trust

When it comes to wearing a hair system, utilizing the right recommended products and protocols will ensure that you will maintain its visual integrity so you can enjoy all phases of life and leisure without worry. Deciding on addressing your hair loss with a hair restoration system is a personal one and it can be difficult to know who to reach out to.

The certified professionals at Elite Hair Loss Solutions offer exclusive hair loss prevention and high quality hair restoration options for men and women not available anywhere else in Sacramento. Every Elite Guest will receive a private, complimentary consultation appointment to assess your hair loss, discuss your needs and expectations, and provide valuable information to allow you to make an informed decision. Contact Elite Hair Loss Solutions today to schedule.