Hair is one of the very first things people notice, and a healthy head of hair not only frames your face, but expresses to others, a projection of youthfulness, health, and vitality. The unfortunate truth is that we are often judged by others due to our appearance, and finding the right restorative measure for our hair that delivers a natural result is essential to make those of us who are experiencing hair loss feel “normal.”

When hair loss gets to the point where styling our hair becomes a frustrating daily exercise in covering up those thinning or balding areas, there is a defining moment we all have….the realization that it’s time to seek professional assistance from a hair enhancement expert. With today’s advancements, the non-surgical hair restoration industry offers us plenty of choices for great looking undetectable hair restoration systems.

What Exactly is a Hair System?

A hair system is a thin, semi-transparent poly membrane which human, and sometimes synthetic hair is injected. Think of a hair system as a contact lens with hair…a non-surgical graft that allows you to avoid invasive transplant surgery and losing much of your own valuable biologically growing hair in the process. The hair system is applied utilizing a medical-grade bonding agent for semi-permanent attachment that is completely safe and designed for contact with the skin. Hair systems are also available with a lace base material and work well with tape attachment, but bonding is not recommended.

Womens Guide to Hair Restoration

Your Customized Cosmetic Miracle

Non-surgical options for women have really come a long way. It wasn’t really all that long ago that when a woman was experiencing top of the head hair loss, a hot, heavy wig or modifying a men’s hair system were typically the only options available. Today, our industry provides an almost endless selection of beautiful wigs, toppers and hair systems to choose from.

Non-surgical hair restoration systems feature 100% human, or fine European Remy hair and can be completely customized according to your needs. Women’s systems are available in a wide range of cap sizes, hair lengths ranging from 8” to 18” and are available in a variety of color tones, curl, and densities giving you the ultimate natural result you desire. Your hair system may be attached with, or without shaving or can possibly attached with clips providing your own bio hair is acceptable to allow for this option.

Your hair restoration system can be customized to your unique sizing and specifications and allows for almost limitless styling possibilities. Choosing the right color tones, density, and texture for your hair system will ensure that it blends properly with your own hair. Your end result is a semi-permanent hair loss solution that requires very minimal maintenance that will leave you presenting the world with the very best version of yourself!

Elite Solutions You Can Count On

Working with knowledgeable, experienced professionals can make the difference between a disaster and the life-enhancing experience hair restoration it is meant to be. Everyone’s situation is unique and requires the appropriate hair system according to one’s lifestyle. At Elite Hair Loss Solutions, our job is to provide a welcoming environment, assess your hair loss free of charge, and ask the right questions so we may better understand your needs and expectations. By following these vital steps each time for each Guest, ensures that we will recommend the right hair loss solution for you, the first time.

Whether we are restoring a hair line due to hair loss from frontal fibrosing alopecia, or full cranial prosthesis from alopecia totalis, universalis, or otherwise, we have beautiful restorative solutions that can bring back what you have lost with a simple, painless, private appointment. Contact us today and take control of your hair loss by scheduling your complimentary hair loss assessment visit.

Our Elite Guests love what we do for them…you will too!