Hair Transplants vs. Cesare Ragazzi CNC Hair Restoration

Cesare Ragazzi CNC Women, hair transplants, hair restoration sacramentoSo many people have looked into hair transplant surgery and been told they are not good candidates. Worse yet, they have had hair transplant surgery and just did not get the results they desired. It can take up to a year to even find out those results. It’s important to remember that all hair transplant surgeons do not share the same expertise and skill set. There are many success stories but unfortunately there are mostly stories of bad scars or transplants that just did not live up to the client’s expectations. Honestly, hair transplant surgery is a large investment to make and not receive the desired results. The word “gamble” comes to mind.

Many people choose non-surgical hair restoration instead of transplants. This is a great option and you can have a full head of hair in about an hour. Non-surgical hair restoration really does give you “instant gratification”. Consultations are free and your hair restoration specialist will offer suggestions on what will give you the best and most natural results, but ultimately the final decision is yours. When you get your hair back, you look younger, feel younger, and your confidence is fully restored due to your enhanced image.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself. Why just be content when you can be totally satisfied? Why not be ecstatic with the way your hair looks? Why not have the finest hair restoration in the world? Exquisite hair restoration that precisely replicates the hair you once had or have always wanted. With the Cesare Ragazzi CNC System, no other hair restoration product comes close.

With the Cesare Ragazzi CNC System nothing is premade or prepackaged. Every single detail of your CNC is designed specifically for YOU! Your Cesare Ragazzi Certified Studio will assess all the individual characteristics of your hair including density, texture, color tones, growth pattern, and even the levels of your scalp Ph. They will perform a 3D scalp mapping of your head and the base of the system will perfectly and precisely match the exact shape of your head and scalp tone. A 39 stage production process is carried out at the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories facility in Bolgna, Italy. It starts with the creation of a hypo-allergenic base and ends with the stand-by-strand implantation of only the finest virgin human hair available anywhere.

Once your Cesare Regazzi CNC System is completed at the factory, your Sacramento area Certified Studio will apply your CNC system and you will immediately experience the elation of turning back the hands of time and restoring to you a more youthful and healthy image. Just being content with your hair will be a thing of the past. You now possess hair to be envied....a luxurious, long-lasting image that will change your life, both personally and professionally.

The hair of your dreams is just a phone call away! To get answers about restoring your hair and to learn what the Cesare Ragazzi CNC System can do for you, call Elite Solutions Hair Loss Specialists of Sacramento and begin your journey to your ultimate hair loss solution.  Call 916-989-HAIR (4247) to schedule your free CNC evaluation and qualification.

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  • Kent's Testimonial

    I am over 50...due to age my hair is thinning...the owner recommended a product that would stop my hair from thinning and make my hair healthier. After 2 months and 10 days of using the product (faithfully) I noticed a big difference where my hair was actually thicker. Thanks Debbie!

    Kent - Sacramento

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