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Raquel Welch Wigs, synthetic, human, european, sacramentoRaquel Welch has worn wigs while shooting movies and on stage for years. She never wore them in her personal life though. One day she was shooting a strenuous action scene and had a very important appointment immediately after. She did not have time to restyle her hair and did not know what to do. Her stylist on the set suggested she wear one of the wigs from the shoot. This is when her love affair with wigs started and continues until today.

While appearing on Broadway in the musical production of Victor/Victoria she was contacted by Celebrity Signatures International to create her own signature collection of wigs and hair additions. There are now 28 wig styles and six hair additions available in a full spectrum of natural looking shades in her spring collection.

Ms. Welch says wigs can be very helpful in your daily life. Experiment with them before you cut your long hair or change color. You may not be good at styling your own hair and can’t always get a last minute appointment. Wigs are a quick and risk free way to pull yourself together and look your best. Best of all, no more bad hair days from frizzies, limpness or color fading and you can have fun with them. Enjoy your new found freedom.

This Spring, wigs were worn by models in Europe both on and off the runway. Wigs have become trendy and an important fashion accessory no matter your age. With the new memory cap these wigs are cooler, lighter and follow the contour of a woman’s head for a continuous and comfortable fit. Let wigs change your life just like they did for Raquel Welch.

To get answers about Synthetic, Human, or European wigs, call Elite Solutions Hair Loss Specialists of Sacramento and let us help you find your way back to a natural full head of hair.  Call 916-989-HAIR (4247) to schedule your free assessment and analysis.




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