100% Natural Human Replacement Hair


Another of our outstanding non-surgical hair restoration methods is the Permagraft, which uses only 100% natural human replacement hair. This system is engineered to give us the utmost control over spacing, placement, and trajectory so that it blends perfectly with the hair you already have. It can restore your natural hairline and provide indistinguishable results.

The status quo says that everything under the sun has its strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons. We're mindful of that, but we're not comfortable just settling for it. Like any hair loss professional company that genuinely cares about their Guests, we're constantly improving and updating our existing hair loss solutions and technical skills while combing the world for the latest and greatest advancements in hair loss prevention and hair restoration.

Permagraft = Precision

The Permagraft hair graft is a system that lets us overcome the weaknesses of previous hair replacement systems. It creates the illusion of growing hair through acute attention to detail. Its implantation membrane ensures that the scalp is always visible – but not more than it should be. Permagraft blends perfectly with your own growing or thinning hair to create uniform thickness and body. Like other non-invasive hair grafts, Permagraft eliminates the pain, recovery time, scarring, and expense of hair restoration surgery. It combines the instant, guaranteed, results of surgical procedures with the ease and affordability of other non-surgical options.

Permagraft is Just Like Growing Hair!

Let our Elite Hair Loss Solutions professionals deliver the hairstyle you desire! Permagraft is a fully customized, versatile non-surgical hair replacement solution that gives you the individualized results you’re looking for. To get the most out of this hair system or one like it, you'll need to get clear about what kind of coverage and style you want. Some hair restoratives add hair but leave it lying flat.

The Permagraft hair replacement system ensures that your hair's angle of implantation perfectly replicates the growth of growing hair. That means that all your hair follows the same trajectory and looks totally natural when you're standing still. More importantly, it moves and lies naturally so that combing, wind, and even swimming or showering can't reveal that all of your hair isn't your own.

Featured Permagraft Results

You Decide What's Possible

If you find out in your hair and scalp analysis that your hair loss can't be reversed, make sure to talk to us about our non-invasive hair grafting options. Every men’s hair restoration program is unique, so we can adjust the color, highlights and lowlights, thickness, density, length, and style of your hair. At Elite Hair Loss Solutions, you won't have to worry about whether our solutions will work. You just have to decide what kind of results to choose! Contact Elite Hair Loss Solutions today and your Elite Hair Loss Specialist will show you the wide array of hair restorative options available!