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Imagine the world’s finest men’s hair replacement system in the hands of a highly trained hair restoration professional. Can it truly be undetectable? Will it match your own hair in every way? Color Tones? Density? Curl? Texture? Will it blend perfectly? Does your system actually have a natural growth pattern? Would it move and act like your own growing hair once did? Is all of this even possible in a non-surgical men’s hair replacement system? Five years ago...no, today…..YES!

Whether you’re a first time hair wearer, or a seasoned hair piece veteran, you’re about to discover a truly unique hair restoration technology that as of June, 2018, only 30 select United States based, trained and certified studios offer…and Elite Hair Loss Solutions of Sacramento was one of those chosen to exclusively offer this exceptionally made Italian men’s hair system.

Men’s Hair Restoration Just Went Beyond Exceptional!

Sacramento’s Elite Hair Loss Solutions proudly presents the iTHIN® hair replacement system for men by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories. CRLabs has spent 50 years developing and perfecting the cutting-edge technological advancements that now delivers the iTHIN®. The 39 stage 3 month production process leaves no detail unchecked and the result delivers the closest measure of perfection the non-surgical hair replacement industry has ever seen.

How is My iTHIN® Created?

The magic of your CRLabs created iTHIN® begins with Elite Hair Loss Solution’s certified hair restoration experts mapping and documenting every detail of your individual specifications. This includes a dual molding method that includes a by-cast which specifies your exact area of hair loss, and plaster cast of your scalp which mirrors and conveys your head size, head shape, and every subtle detail of your scalp’s surface. Hair texture, hair density, curl pattern, and color tones of your own hair are then documented and all of your detailed particulars are forwarded to the CRLabs production facility in Bologna, Italy.

Your iTHIN® specifications are derived from a high-tech scalp replicating process which scans your plaster scalp mold to a computer which transfers this data to a 3D printing machine. Not only is your scalp replicated, but your precise area of hair loss is transferred as well. The hypoallergenic base material of your iTHIN® hair system contains anti-bacterial properties that starts in liquid form and is actually applied in layers onto your 3D scalp replica. This vital step makes for precision fit of the iTHIN® base to your scalp that is beyond compare!

Once cured, this light, durable, semi-transparent, breathable base not only creates the perfect fit for your scalp, it becomes the ideal foundation for applying the very finest 100% uncolored, unprocessed European Virgin hair the world has to offer. Each strand of your “grail hair” is then implanted by hand into your iTHIN® base by the root end only ensuring cuticle harmony and tangle free washing and styling ease for the wearer. Before your iTHIN® is shipped, it goes through a detailed quality control process ensuring ordering standards have been completely met. Each and every step in the CRLabs production process makes your iTHIN® hair system light years ahead of any other processed hair system on the market.

Your Transformative Upgrade

Having the finest hair system in the world is meaningless without skilled hands that can expertly cut, blend, and style, to create your desired natural look. Elite’s professional hair restoration staff is personally trained by Owner and Master Stylist Deborah Long with 25+ years of industry training and expertise. Be assured, the technical skill and artistry from our staff members is unmatched anywhere else in Sacramento. You won’t be bounced from stylist to stylist either, so you can be confident that your Elite Hair Loss Solutions iTHIN® services will be consistent and will bring your hair restoration experience to a whole new level of satisfaction….and that satisfaction doesn’t end with your first Elite Hair Loss Solutions experience…it is only the beginning.

Call 916-635-4433 today to schedule your free no-obligation consultation and discover the life-changing benefits of the Elite Hair Loss Solutions exclusive iTHIN® hair system from Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories.

What Sets iTHIN® Apart?

  • Exceptional Hair Quality
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Unmatched Technology
  • Clinical Precision
  • Precise Scalp Replication
  • Hypo-Allergenic, Breathable Base
  • Medical Grade Cranial Prosthetic
  • Ease of Styling
  • No Matting or Tangling
  • Ultimate Confidence!

What is the iTHIN® System Process?

PHASE 1 – Information & Evaluation

Your Elite Hair Loss Solutions Certified Hair Restoration Specialist will discuss and explain the complete process from consultation to cut-in of your iTHIN®.

PHASE 2 – Scalp Mapping & Molding Process

Our CRLabs trained team of specialists will perform precise mapping of your scalp and thoroughly examine and record your specifications.

PHASE 3 – 3D Printing

Your scalp cast is scanned by utilizing 3D computer scalp replication, precisely cloning your scalp and area of hair loss.

PHASE 4 – Cloning Your Area Of Hair Loss

Your CRLabs semi-transparent hypo-allergenic base membrane is created, mixed, applied to your scalp clone, and cured to replicate the exact shape, lines and areas of hair loss.

PHASE 5 – Hair Selection and Matching

Your CRLabs Hair Production Specialists hand select your 100% unprocessed Virgin European hair that perfectly matches the color tones, texture, and all distinct characteristics of your own hair.

PHASE 6 – Implanting

Each strand of your new “grail” hair are individually implanted into your base membrane, one at a time mirroring your hair growth pattern.

PHASE 7 – Non-Surgical Application

Your completed iTHIN® hair system is non-surgically applied onto your scalp and expertly cut, blended, and styled to your satisfaction by your Elite Hair Loss Solutions professional.

PHASE 8 – iTHIN® System Completed

Your new iTHIN® hair restoration system can now be exposed to activities, including swimming and high-impact sports. Ongoing maintenance with CRLabs recommended professional products is essential and quite simple under the guidanceof your Elite Solutions Hair Loss Specialist.


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  • Joe V's Testimonial

    I just want to say that Elite Solutions is a fantastic place to get your hair done and they know what they are doing compare to other Sacramento hair replacement companies. When you walk in they treat you with great respect and a great smile. Thank you guys what you do keep up the great work.

    Joe V – El Dorado Hills

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