Havogen 5 Patch

Many men simply accept hair loss as inevitable—but they don’t have to. There are solutions available to curb the effects of hair loss, or even to stop it before it starts. One of the proven and effective solutions we offer here at Elite Hair Solutions is the Havogen 5 patch, developed in Bologna, Italy by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories. This unique patch allows men to take a preemptive approach to hair loss.

To learn whether Havogen 5 is the right option for you, we invite you to explore this page further and to contact Elite Hair Solutions today to set up your private consultation.

About the Havogen 5 Patch

Cesare Ragazzi is a team of true innovators in the hair loss solutions realm, and to date, they have developed countless products based on the science of trichology. The Havogen 5 patch is something particularly innovative—a clear, transdermal patch that men wear behind the ear. The patch is imperceptible to others, and you’ll hardly know it’s there yourself. There are no adverse side effects involved, but there are some significant benefits.

Specifically, the path delivers a steady stream of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that your hair needs in order to maintain healthy growth—including L-Cysteine, silk proteins, DHT blocking serenoa repens, and avocado extract. In short, it’s a healthy, natural, and effective way to fortify your hair and prevent hair loss.

Men’s Havogen 5 patch

How Havogen 5 Works

This product is not merely cosmetic. It’s based on real biology, and particularly in how hair grows. Generally speaking, hair follicles go through natural rhythms of growth and rest; hair loss occurs when the cycle is thrown off balance. This can happen for different reasons, but scientists believe that the primary cause is a build-up of DHT—a testosterone by-product that has been linked with unhealthy hair growth.

Havogen 5 works by providing men with the nutrients their follicles need to block DHT and to ensure ongoing, healthy hair production cycles—and all of it’s done effortlessly, simply by wearing a patch behind your ear.

Five Benefits to Havogen 5

Havogen 5 fights hair loss on multiple fronts—five of them, in fact. Through the natural, fortifying compounds available in Havogen 5, men will experience these benefits:

  • A reduction in 5-Alpha Reductase production
  • A decrease in free radical formation
  • Nourishment of the hair bulb and strengthening for the shaft
  • Regulation of sebum
  • Inhibition of DHT

What’s more, actually using the Havogen 5 patch is simple and easy: The patch is applied behind the ear, where it acts for a full 12 hours. A new patch is applied the next day, in the same area. It’s completely invisible, and it’s even water resistant.

Who Benefits from Havogen 5?

Hair loss solutions are never one-size-fits-all, and it’s possible that Havogen 5 may not be the best option for you. The best way to find out for sure is to meet with an Elite Hair Solutions Hair Loss Specialist for a discreet consultation.

Generally speaking, Havogen 5 is something we recommend for prevention. It’s a good option for those who are just beginning to notice the initial signs of hair loss, or who know that genetic hair loss is common in their family line.

Additionally, the Havogen 5 patch can be an excellent way to segment other hair loss treatments, for those who have already exhibited significant symptoms. Anyone who is undergoing Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy, for example or FUE might ultimately benefit from the Havogen 5 patch.

Overall, we recommend Havogen 5 most readily to men who are young or who have mild to moderate hair loss symptoms.

Prevent Hair Loss with Elite Hair Solutions

We are proud to provide innovative, results-getting products from the exclusive Cesare Ragazzi line—and that includes the Havogen 5 patch. We’d love to help you determine whether it’s the right fit for you, and the best way to make that happen is to join us for a complimentary consultation. Speak one-on-one with an Elite Hair Solutions Hair Loss Specialist, in a private and comfortable setting, and determine whether your hair loss can be prevented through this simple, painless, and effective solution.

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  • Jason Jokerst's Testimonial

    "Anyone who is thinking of taking the leap into hair restoration, please read my review. I began my search for hair restoration years ago when I started to experience minimal hair loss at age 25. Quick to the point - nothing worked. Laser comb - NOPE Propecia - NOPE Hair Transplant - YES..at first, years later NOPE. I was very apprehensive about another hair loss solution product given the historical evidence I experienced. I found Elite Hair 5 years ago through my in depth due diligence I consistently conducted since I was yet to be satisfied with my current hair loss situation. Last month I made the transition to Elite Hair's product. I am very satisfied, more than I expected. Here's why: My fears included: looking fake, feeling uncomfortable, people noticing a difference, etc. None were a concern. The hair system looks and feels real. I don't even notice it on my head. It feels like its a part of me. Not one friend or family member noticed it...a huge plus! My only regret is I didn't become a client sooner. If you're considering Elite as a hair loss solution and you have doubts - Don't. You'll be happy you did it. The have a great team who cares."

    Jason Jokerst - Sacramento

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