Chemo Scalp Treatments

We understand.

The idea of undergoing chemotherapy or cranial radiotherapy can leave you feeling uneasy and confused. When it comes to learning how these treatments will affect your hair and scalp, we appreciate how vital knowing what to expect can be to your emotional wellbeing. At Elite Solutions, we provide not only world-class hair restoration options, but also natural chemo hair regrowth products from world-renowned Terapo` Medik and therapeutic services designed to minimize hair and scalp side effects.

Prepare your body and mind.

One of the more rewarding aspects of working in the hair restoration industry is the opportunity to provide relief to clients who are facing more than just hereditary hair loss. Elite Solutions Hair Loss Specialists is proud to be Sacramento’s only trichology-certified Terapo` Medik center. Through good communication, prevention, and management, we hope to provide peace of mind and take one painful part of the treatment process off of your plate.

Make preparation your first step.

Your scalp and skin can dry out very rapidly, even as early as the first chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment. For that reason, we recommend that you complete your hair and scalp analysis and get your Well-Being Care Kit before treatment begins. A visit prior to the beginning of hair loss will also prepare you and our team to make a perfectly matched, seamless transition if you deicide to receive hair restoration.

Terapo Medik Chemo Well Being Care Kit

Reduce scalp sensitivity throughout treatment.

Using our exclusive Terapo Medik Well-Being Care products allows you to fully rehydrate your scalp before, during, and after treatments. These formulations promote optimal re-growth after hair loss, thanks to gentle and natural ingredients chosen specifically for their impact on medical-treatment-related scalp conditions. Our premium scalp health-care solution provides optimal care throughout the entire process of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Intensive Hydrating Scalp Baths

As a Terapo Medik center, we are also able to offer hydrating scalp-baths. These soothing, relaxing treatments not only ameliorate the harsh side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but also restore hydration and flexibility to the scalp and skin. Our Head First hair and scalp solutions experts provide a completely private, therapeutic, and personal experience. The Dolce Vita Care Scalp Treatment Formula used in our in-office Scalp Baths is recommended specifically for dry and irritated scalps due to chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. It may be purchased individually or in discounted packages for convenient and comfortable at-home use.

Take a step to increase your comfort.

If you see chemotherapy or radiotherapy on the horizon, we look forward to becoming part of the many solutions you will find during your journey back to complete health with our chemo hair regrowth treatment.

Call Elite Solutions Hair Loss Specialists of Sacramento today at
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  • Dan's Testimonial

    Thank you for taking such good care of my mother. We didn't know what to expect knowing that she was going to have to wear a wig...but really she loves her wigs because she looks so great and they are so comfortable. Thank you Elite Solutions!

    Dan - Loomis

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