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Revivogen is a revolution in DHT-blocking science. This new hair loss treatment uses natural ingredients to achieve clinically proven results in preventing hair loss. Revivogen's 3-step process halts the production of DHT at the cellular level to prevent follicle damage and keep your hair growing naturally.

Scientifically speaking, you're destined for baldness.

The process of hair loss is rooted in science. To really get a handle on why you're losing your hair and how you can stop it, you should get a basic understanding of how hair grows. Biologically, male pattern baldness is genetic. For men who are genetically predisposed, loss due to androgenetic alopecia is programmed into our DNA.

Here's the good news if you're losing your hair.

The hair-loss gene is with most men from birth. When DHT is allowed to reach the hair follicles, these genes wreak havoc on hair and destroy the growth capacity of the follicles. In order for DHT to be produced, however, testosterone has to enter hair follicle cells through androgen receptors. Only when it reacts with an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase (5AR) does testosterone create the harmful byproduct known as DHT. Without DHT, hair-loss genes are neutralized and can be forced to become dormant.

A Multi-Tiered Approach

The Revivogen formula uses two distinctly separate mechanisms to fight hair loss. First, it blocks androgen receptors to prevent testosterone from entering follicle cells in the first place. If it can't get in, it can't react with the 5AR enzyme. To take prevention even further, Revivogen inhibits 5AR enzymes so they can't produce DHT even if they do encounter testosterone. To wrap it all up and deliver the best possible results, Revivogen shampoo, conditioner and therapy also cleanses the scalp to promote a healthy environment for natural hair growth.

Revivogen MD Hair Products

Proven Results for Viable Candidates

The most vital element of a successful hair restoration program is isolating the cause of hair loss and matching it with the right solution. Revivogen can work wonders for you if your hair loss (like most men's) is caused by androgenetic alopecia and DHT. To find out for sure, schedule a free consultation with a hair loss specialist at Elite Solutions of Sacramento. Call 916-635-4433 today.

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  • Jason Jokerst's Testimonial

    "Anyone who is thinking of taking the leap into hair restoration, please read my review. I began my search for hair restoration years ago when I started to experience minimal hair loss at age 25. Quick to the point - nothing worked. Laser comb - NOPE Propecia - NOPE Hair Transplant - first, years later NOPE. I was very apprehensive about another hair loss solution product given the historical evidence I experienced. I found Elite Hair 5 years ago through my in depth due diligence I consistently conducted since I was yet to be satisfied with my current hair loss situation. Last month I made the transition to Elite Hair's product. I am very satisfied, more than I expected. Here's why: My fears included: looking fake, feeling uncomfortable, people noticing a difference, etc. None were a concern. The hair system looks and feels real. I don't even notice it on my head. It feels like its a part of me. Not one friend or family member noticed it...a huge plus! My only regret is I didn't become a client sooner. If you're considering Elite as a hair loss solution and you have doubts - Don't. You'll be happy you did it. The have a great team who cares."

    Jason Jokerst - Sacramento

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