Laser Hair Therapy

If you've sought out the unparalleled expertise and customization provided by the Elite Solutions Hair Loss Specialists team, you're probably determined not to mess with less than the best. If you're a skeptic, that may leave you wondering why you're finding Laser Therapy on our website.

Why Laser Therapy?

The "why" is simple. At Elite Solutions, we only deliver hair restoration programs that get real results. Laser Therapy gets results when it's done right on the right people. Thanks to its potent power to mitigate damage caused by the hormone DHT, Laser Therapy for hair loss helps us to intervene in early hair loss and amplify the results of other types of hair-restoration solutions. We'll only recommend laser hair restoration if you have the right hair, scalp, and hair-loss conditions to get results.

Laser Hair Therapy fights back.

Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy actually plays numerous roles in the fight against male pattern baldness. What it provides is a powerful tool that prevents, combats, and even reverses the harmful effects of DHT, the hormone that causes hair follicles to shrink and die. By keeping DHT from bonding to hair follicles, improving the resilience of hair follicles, and extending the Anagen phase of the growth cycle, Laser Therapy for hair loss can play a big role in slowing down, stopping, or reversing androgenetic alopecia.

Benefits of Laser Hair Restoration

Here are some aspects of the hair and scalp that are positively impacted by laser therapy.

  • Blood Flow
  • Nutrient Delivery
  • The Growth Cycle
  • Follicle Radius
  • Protein Synthesis
  • Cell Division
  • Hair Health
  • Scalp Conditions
  • Body & Shine

The proof is personal.

Reputable hair restoration clinics throughout the country and the world are now documenting the specifics of each client's hair before, during, and after treatment. They can definitively prove not only that laser therapy does work for hair loss, but also that it's worked for you. We don't think that approach takes it far enough. Like other clinics, Elite Solutions takes microscopic photos of your hair and scalp during initial and recurring hair-and-scalp analyses. The even more important measurement to us, however, is the change in how you feel. Yes, it's subjective. Our goal is to go beyond data to deliver the kinds of results that meet and exceed the expectations you set for us. As long as you work with us, we'll be monitoring our success in that area. That's how you know you can trust the laser therapy you'll get at Elite Solutions.

You decide what "it works" really means.

The only tool the hair-restoration industry hasn't yet developed is a way to make natural hair continue to grow over a man's whole head for his entire life. If your goal for a successful solution goes beyond that definition, pretty much anything is possible. We're here to create the kinds of results that are meaningful to you. For some men, the goal is slowing down male pattern baldness so it takes 12 years instead of 2 to progress. Others want to replace all of their hair, but do it gradually so the people in their lives don't notice a sudden and extreme change.

Call 916-635-4433 and schedule your initial analysis and consultation at Elite Solutions. It's your opportunity to define success on your own terms. Unlike big-box stores that get by on volume, we'll treat you with the privacy, compassion, and focus that you deserve.

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  • Dave's Testimonial

    I've had a great deal of remarks, complementing me on 'how good I look.' The one hour transformations you do are nothing short of incredible! Thank you Elite Solutions for making my dreams come true.

    Dave, Granite Bay

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