Hair Loss Prevention

What's better than restoring your hair? Keeping the hair you have.

At Elite Solutions, we want you to achieve the best outcome for your hair loss. In extreme cases, that might mean a hair restoration system that looks great. For other men, especially those in the early stages of hair loss, we can often intervene and slow down or stop the progression of male pattern baldness. We can't guarantee that we can stop your hair loss. What we can guarantee is that we will investigate your options thoroughly and exhaust the possibilities for keeping your natural hair growing before we turn exclusively to other options.

First, do no harm.

Hair Loss Prevention Men As far as we know, no one is policing hair replacement studios to make sure that they adhere to the Hippocratic oath. We kind of wish they would. The last thing you want from a specialist in hair loss is to come out of their office with more damage than you had when you went in. Preventing future damage is of utmost importance at Elite Solutions because healthy, intact hair is more likely to endure through hair loss than damaged hair.

We won't fix what's not broken.

Our role is to design a program that combines the best possible results for your hair. That means hair loss prevention is our first priority and consideration, not something we just offer to people with a low budget. Elite Solutions is the Sacramento studio you can trust not to damage your hair. We will do everything we can to help you slow down your hair loss, retain your natural hair, and make the absolute most of the hair you have. If that involves hair additions, you can expect gentle attachment options that do not harm your own hair.

Hair loss prevention is your choice.

Your dedicated hair loss specialist at Elite Solutions Hair Loss Specialists of Sacramento will work towards your hair restoration goals according to your wishes. If you want to hold on to every last hair or shave your head, that's completely up to you. We will never compromise the integrity of your growing hair to achieve a temporary benefit.

To find out if a Hair Loss Prevention Program could solve your hair-loss problem, give us a call at 916-635-4433 and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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  • Ronald H's Testimonial

    Elite is fantastic...they have given me the opportunity to put my hair back on my head....where it belongs. Angela is my stylist and is very talented and well trained. From my first visit through my system and now 60 days in, the experience has been second to none. Just when you think there is no choice but to embrace your baldness, be "rest assured" there is Elite who can and will put amazing hair back on your head!

    The owners are very courteous and see to it their clients have a memorable experience! People ask me if it's expensive? I don't think so considering what I'm getting in return. It is truly a preference and you will need to budget your new look just like any life altering experience. Elite has restored my youth, confidence, and self-esteem... This in itself can open many doors and opportunities to those who have been held back or concerned with their look losing their hair. Who knows it could open doors and career opportunities.

    Ronald H. – Roseville

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