You're not powerless! Your individual Head First hair and scalp program is built to make the most of every opportunity to improve your hair. That includes putting your hair and scalp health in your own hands every day with at-home Topical Thickening & Regrowth products. These exclusive formulas from Capilia use the highest-quality natural ingredients to gently cleanse, heal, purify and protect while they stimulate new growth. They're like an insurance policy for maximizing your results.

Do you have an upcoming series of chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments? If so, we can help relieve the scalp dryness and discomfort caused by these therapies. Visit Elite Solutions, Sacramento’s only certified Terapo Medik Trichology center, before treatment starts. We’ll prepare you with unique hair and scalp wellbeing care products, as well as the information and management resources you need to add a little bit of comfort to your treatment experience.

Sound science has proven that your scalp plays a major role in whether and how long you keep your hair. As Sacramento's exclusive Capilia partner, we give you access to personalized Head-First hair and scalp care programs that aren't available anywhere else. Our therapeutic Scalp Facial Treatments can only be offered in-studio by our certified specialists. These powerful, intensive formulas focus in on the root causes of thinning and hair loss to prevent damage, improve skin health, and stimulate growth. By incorporating scalp treatments for men in the early to moderate stages of hair loss, we fight it's real causes, not just the symptoms.

Developed by a board-certified dermatologist, Revivogen provides a new way to fight the damaging effects of DHT. These treatments reverse follicle damage caused by hormones to improve growth, reduce shedding, and restore your full, healthy hair.

For men fighting Male Pattern Baldness and other types of DHT-related hair loss, laser hair therapy can extend active growth and improve hair retention. Our powerful, FDA-approved in-office lasers can be combined with other treatment methods to get maximum results.

At Elite Solutions, hair loss prevention will be part of your experience even if you have permanent hair loss. We'll thoroughly evaluate whether and how you can keep your own natural hair as we create the best individualized restoration program for your hair loss, lifestyle, and expectations.

Many men simply accept hair loss as inevitable—but they don’t have to. There are solutions available to curb the effects of hair loss, or even to stop it before it starts. One of the proven and effective solutions we offer here at Elite Hair Solutions is the Havogen 5 patch, developed in Bologna, Italy by Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories. This unique patch allows men to take a preemptive approach to hair loss.

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