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At Elite Hair Loss Solutions, it is such a privilege to meet and to learn from the wonderfully diverse group of people who visit our clinic. Many of our LGBTQ Guests are kind enough to share their journeys on becoming the individuals they always knew they were destined to be. Often, they have gone through years...sometimes decades of self-evaluation, soul searching, and even clinical therapy to reach their conclusive decision to live each and every day as their true identity. Transgender individuals often undertake a long, emotional, difficult path that can include multiple medical treatments, therapies, and surgical procedures to achieve their goals. This sometimes painful, usually very expensive journey can often take many years to complete and to fully heal both physically and emotionally.

Your Image Reimagined

One of the most important and image defining aspects of transitioning is one’s hair. Along with gender-confirming procedures, it is vital that we are able to deliver the proper non-surgical hair restorative product to complete your transformation. Whether you are cisgender, transgender, non-binary, or otherwise, anyone going through such a process needs the assistance of licensed, experienced, non-judgmental professionals to truly achieve their hair goals. Elite Hair Loss Solutions offers a private, professional, safe, and sensitive environment to allow you to realize the hair of your dreams.

Whether your situation is a masculine receded hairline, feminine diffuse hair loss, or a bald spot on your crown, we have a solution for you. We offer many products and services for everything from restoring one’s hairline to full cranial prosthetics. In twenty years of business, we’ve seen it all. The technical skills of our Elite Hair Loss Solutions hair replacement specialists are second to none, and we are the most experienced team of non-surgical hair loss professionals in Sacramento. Bringing to the table some of the very finest, exclusive hair replacement products available in the world allows you almost limitless creativity so let your imagination soar! Since everyone’s needs are different, we offer a wide array of non-surgical hair replacement and restoration products and services.

Living Your Life Without Compromise

Shouldn’t you project the very best image you wish to convey, all day every day? Hair loss can stop you from living life on your terms but that ends now. Life is too short to go through it feeling less than 100% spectacular about your hair. Whether you’re in a professional or social situation, wearing a hat, poorly fitted wig, or hair piece isn’t acceptable and absolutely unnecessary. Allow us to open your eyes to today's wonderful hair replacement innovations, and you'll be amazed! Our exclusive non-surgical hair replacement services offer a semi-permanent solution that is beautiful, natural-looking, and worry-free. Our secure non-surgical hair replacement systems allow you the freedom of physical activities, visually expressing yourself, and living life how you want without compromising any aspect of it.

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Our entire Elite Hair Loss Solutions team treats all of our Guests with the understanding, support, and respect they deserve, and we warmly welcome everyone in the LGBTQ community who are struggling with their hair loss. Whether you aspire to a more youthful and healthier image, or you are an inspiring individual transitioning, we have a hair loss solution for you. We are here to inform, educate, and present world-class hair restoration options so you can determine the best course of action for YOU! Please contact us today to schedule your FREE no-obligation private consultation and realize the life-changing benefits of achieving the hair you’ve always desired.