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At Elite Solutions, the commitment of our staff is to seek out the best options available for each and every client. We recognize and value the trust that has been placed in us, and that is why decisions regarding education and hair extension methods are intelligently made with integrity and honesty to help preserve that trust and confidence.

As you do your research, you will find out that in the world of hair extensions there are hundreds of choices. We have seen the results of extensions in the hands of inexperienced stylists, and they often involve a heartbroken client. At Elite Solutions, we are against broken hearts! We only use hair extensions in ways that will enhance your life.

Introducing Elite Strands

Elite-Strands-Hair-Extensions  Elite Strands hair extensions are the product of our commitment to providing women with only the highest-quality hair restorative options on the market. Their revolutionary attachment method adds beautiful silky hair at a price that's easy on the pocketbook. How were we able to do this? Only through years of research, training, and wearing hair extensions ourselves! 

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Hair Extensions

  • Brenda B's Testimonial

    So a little while back, a friend of mine, who happens to be an absolutely beautiful woman, told me that her hair was not her own... I was completely surprised because her hair looks 100 percent natural!! She told me due to a genetic condition, she had lost the majority of her hair over the years, which left her with sparse bald patches. Living in a society where a women's hair is her crowning glory, I can imagine how devastating it would be to lose your hair.

    Well that's where Elite Solutions comes in to help. They provide quality care and options to people who maybe thought there was none. My friend gets her hair done regularly at Elite. She wears a hair replacement system which is actually human hair, so she can style it, color it, cut it, and whatever else anyone would do with their hair really. It’s incredible because I knew her for months before she casually mentioned the fact that she wears a hair replacement... If she didn't tell me I would have never known. That's how good Elite's quality of product and work is! They have many years of experience and confidence in their work. But most of all they are compassionate and caring people who will treat everyone with respect. It's comforting to know that quality of life doesn't have to be lost with hair loss.

    Brenda B – Sacramento

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