Cesare Ragazzi CNC-XT

Introducing CNC-XT

Cesare Ragazzi CNCXT BLONDE CIRCLE CROPjpg  This is the truly exceptional hair enhancement method the world has been waiting for! Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories, the international provider of the world’s most exquisite hair restoration systems, now presents the CNC-XT® human hair extension system.


Utilizing only the very finest virgin, 100% unprocessed European human hair, the CNC-XT® human hair extension system is not only changing lives of individuals with thinning or chemically damaged hair, but also the hair enhancement industry with its innovative technology, molding and application technique, and unmatched hair quality.

Virtually all of the current “high-end” hair extension methods utilize chemically processed hair and many of the application methods to apply them are actually hazardous to your own existing hair! The CNC-XT® human hair extension system features a dermatologically-tested bacterially resistant membrane that is bonded to your own hair using a medical-grade agent, and allows your hair to naturally and safely continue to grow out. The absolute precision and technologically advanced aspects of the CNC-XT® allows us to perfectly replicate what you have lost, or help you achieve the look you have always wanted.

The Cesare Ragazzi CNC-XT® Hair System is 100% Customized To YOU!

With the CNC-XT®, nothing about the human hair extension system is pre-made or modified to fit you. It is customized 100% utilizing 3D printed technology based on a scan of your scalp parameters that duplicates the precise contours of your head and is designed to add volume, length, or both. Your virgin, 100% unprocessed European human hair is chosen and hand blended to perfectly match your own hair in every respect including color tones, texture, curl, and growth pattern. Each individual strand is implanted by hand into the hypoallergenic base material like that of a hair transplant surgeon from the root end, so that it “grows” from your scalp naturally. The result is red-carpet quality, 24-hour-a-day fabulous hair that looks, moves, acts, and styles just like your own natural hair should. You really don't have to tell anyone, but you’ll certainly be proud to do so!

What Makes the Cesare Ragazzi CNC-XT® Hair System Special?

We can't cure hair loss but we can certainly return, replace, restore, or achieve your desired look. We have enough stress in our lives and the cosmetic miracle that is the CNC-XT® can allow you to focus on the important things. To date, there are only 30 Cesare Ragazzi authorized affiliates nationwide, licensed and certified to provide this amazing exclusive product.  Call Elite Hair Loss Solutions at 916-635-4433 to schedule your free no obligation consultation appointment and experience the CNC-XT® for yourself.

The Incredible Benefits of the CNC-XT®.

  • Virgin, 100% Unprocessed European Human Hair
  • Add Length, Volume, Or Both
  • Personalized and Created Exclusively Based On Your Individual Specifications
  • 3D Scalp Mapping Technology & 39 Stage Production Ensures Absolute Precision
  • The CNC-XT® Can Perfectly Conceal Balding Or Thinning Areas Of Concern
  • Medical Grade Base Material With Anti-Bacterial Properties
  • Non-Damaging, Safe, & Fast Application Method
  • Created For YOU in Bologna, Italy
  • CNC-XT®. Is Re-Usable Lasting 10-12 Months!
  • Live Life Without Compromise!

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  • Kathi B's Testimonial

    Elite Hair Loss Solutions’ hair restoration service has changed my life! I’m very active in my personal and professional life and I no longer worry about my hair loss and my outlook on life has soared. The cost for Elite’s excellent services fit my budget and is worth every penny and then some!!

    Deb is very sweet and her technical expertise is outstanding. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair! If hair loss is adversely affecting your life, know that there are phenomenal solutions available. Call Debby, she can help you!!

    Kathi B. – Sacramento

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