Cesare Ragazzi Women

Elite Hair Loss Solutions is unbelievably amazing!  Absolutely the best experience, the most wonderful, professional people I have ever met, and a beautiful studio staffed with BRILLIANT specialists!  I have a Cesare Ragazzi CNC, the best, top quality cranial prosthesis on the market.  The place I went to first failed me miserably, wrong measurements, bad casting, months of waiting beyond what was agreed upon, and every appointment, they’ve applied it to me wrong EVERY time.  This last time was so bad I thought it was irreparable.  They messed up on my CNC so badly I thought I'd have to buy a new one.  We sought out another licensed Cesare Ragazzi studio for help.  I contacted Elite Solutions and they listened to my story and fit me in for an emergency appointment.  Not only did they fix the colossal mistakes made by someone else, but they made my hair look better than ever. The confidence they have instilled in me is more valuable than any dollar amount, and when it comes to price, the value of their work far exceeds what they charge.  We will absolutely only deal with them in the future.  Elite’s studio is gorgeous, their souls are beautiful, and their work ethic, professionalism, ingenuity, and attitudes are all top quality!  Impressed doesn't begin to describe how we feel right now.  Debbie, Gary, and the whole team are the best of the best!  To anyone suffering hair loss of any kind, you are not alone.  There ARE people who care and will help you.  Elite Solutions helped us in a time of dire need after the other salon owner failed us so miserably.  The Elite team doesn’t just do this for money, they actually care about the work.  Thank you Gary and Debbie, you and the whole Elite team are quality people!  Thank you for everything!  You’ve given me back my life!  I highly recommend Elite Solutions to everyone!  God bless Elite Hair Loss Solutions!

Amber A. – Orcutt

In the 22+ years I have had hair loss issues, I have tried every type of wig and hair system out there. Some were good, some were bad, some were really, really bad! A few months ago, I found Elite Solutions online was excited to become one of the very first people in the United States to try the Cesare Ragazzi hair system from Italy. I can tell you, my experience with this new hair has been completely life-changing. It's easy to manage, doesn't mat, and is more versatile than any hair replacement I have every worn before. After wearing Cesare Ragazzi for three months, the hair is still just as spectacular as the day I was fitted. I can never, ever go back to anything else I have ever tried. This system is worth every penny and then some. Thank you Elite Solutions!

Maria - Sacramento

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