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If you are the guy who is wanting to look your best, and maintain your self-confidence, I highly recommend Virtual Reality and Elite Solutions.

Michael - Roseville

I started losing my hair about 22 years ago, I didn't really think about doing anything...I guess afraid of what I would look like...all I knew at the time was that I did not want to be bald. About 10 years ago I made the decision to try the Virtual Reality systems. It is a choice I have never regretted.

Johnny - Sacramento

I am a Virtual Reality client that travels often to California and I was referred to Elite Solution from the Studio I currently go to in South Florida. Of course I was nervous at first having someone I didn't know taking care of my hair. I'm very particular about my appearance to say the least. Elite Solutions came through for me big time. I only wish I could go to them each month for service!

John – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

One of the services that Elite Solutions offers is the Virtual Reality Systems its hair replacement systems for men that are really amazing. I have been experiencing hair loss since my early 30s and frankly I have searched high and low for something natural and I didn't find anything until I came across Virtual Reality. I have been wearing VR now for over 10 years and every year it seems like they get better.

Jesse – Elk Grove

Virtual Reality is like no other hair system available anywhere. I live a very active lifestyle and I never have to worry about my hair. I don't even feel like I have a hair loss problem anymore. More importantly, no one else knows it either! Virtual Reality is quite simply the most natural, easy to care for system I have ever experienced. If you suffer from any kind of hair loss issue, do yourself a favor and visit Elite Solutions. You just can't do any better.

Larry M. - Folsom

I'd recommend Virtual Reality to anyone that suffers from hair loss. I'd give Elite Solutions an A+++ for the amazing customer service and 110% reliability. I'm also paying heck of a lot less than when I was a club member.

John L.

Once I made the decision to pursue a hair restoration solution, it was a clear and easy choice to become a client of Elite Solutions. Deborah & Gary run a quality establishment with customer service satisfaction being their top priority. I have now been an Elite Solutions client for over 14 years because I know the Virtual Reality products are by far the best in the world!

Rick, El Dorado Hills

I always thought of hair replacement as a thing that really un-cool guys do.....bad toupees and weird looking transplants, but Elite Solutions is different. Virtual Reality is THE cosmetic solution that looks as good if not better than when I had a real head of hair.

Wynn – Fair Oaks

Thank you Elite Solutions so much for the fantastic job you did on my hair. I would recommend this procedure and your VR systems to anyone and the service is outstanding. I am a customer for life!

Carl – Shingle Springs

Since having replacement hair from Virtual Reality, it has changed my life by giving me more confidence to achieve new goals. It has given me a new approach to life. I thank Elite Solutions for their excellent care and give my highest recommendation.

Richard, Sacramento

I had given up on fighting my hair-loss and shaved my head, then I saw an advertisement for Virtual Reality from Elite Solutions. Being a performing musician, a full head of awesome looking hair is never a bad thing, so I went in for a consultation and became a client. Not only am I super impressed with Virtual Reality, the service is top-notch! I have now been a satisfied Elite Solutions client for over 13 years! My wife always tells me how great my hair looks, and even claims to be jealous not only of the end result of your amazing procedure, but of how much more consistently my hair looks more perfect than her own beautiful head of natural hair!

Jeffry, Fair Oaks

I used to spend time getting ready in the morning worrying about my hair, and now I get to spend time getting compliments.

Alan – Denver, Colorado

The truth is, I feel great. I'm grateful for this amazing product that gives me the opportunity to reinvent myself on and off stage. My life wouldn't be the same without it.

Matt Labanca - New York

As a former club client and 22-year hair-system wearer, I have never been more pleased with how natural my hair looks with Virtual Reality. I love my hair, I don't like being bald, and my wife tells me she loves my hair because I look 10 years younger. What else can I ask for? The staff at Elite Solutions are wonderful people.

Morris - Sacramento

I was a client of a major club company for hair systems for years, but was looking for other options. I heard about Elite Solutions and the Virtual Reality system, and it sounded very interesting to me. I became a Virtual Reality client and would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for satisfaction with the product, the quality, and the option of having a hair replacement that's easy to take care of. The staff at Elite treats each client on a personal and professional level and listens to their needs. The other major company operates more on quantity than quality. I highly recommend Virtual Reality and Elite for outstanding product and service. I'm a long-time and very satisfied client.

Skip - Sacramento, California

Elite Solutions offers benefits that allow clients to travel with freedom to other studios in different parts of the world. This is important to me. My wife and I are more than pleased with the results, and we would personally recommend the Virtual Reality hair replacement program to anyone who has any type of hair loss problem, whether they travel or not.

David - Granite Bay

In my mid twenties, I was quickly becoming noticeably bald. It was at this time that I opted for a less-than-professional hair system. I endured clips and other discomforting methods of applications, as well as the uncomfortable feeling of everyone noticing that I wore a hair piece. After many years of searching, I have finally found the hair system that is all that any guy could ever want. The Virtual Reality hair system is perfect for the active sports guy, including water sports. It looks so natural that I actually had to let my girlfriend in on the fact that I wear a hair system! I treat Virtual Reality as though it were my own natural hair. I shampoo it, dry and style it. Its application is simple and painless. If you are the guy who is wanting to look your best and maintain your self confidence, I highly recommend Virtual Reality and Elite Solutions.

Mike - Sacramento, California

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