About Elite Hair Solutions

Elite Hair Loss Solutions of Sacramento provides full service hair-loss prevention, hair restoration, and beauty treatments for men and women. Our superior-quality solutions include non-surgical hair restoration, beautiful customized wigs, fashionable no-damage hair extensions, and anti-aging treatments for the face and body. In fact, Elite Solutions offers more hair-loss restoration and treatment options than any other company or club in the Sacramento area, along with the added luxury of spa services all in the same place.

Our focus is private and personal.

Our caring professionals provide every client with a private first-visit consultation and fitting free of charge. This evaluation ensures that everyone gets the opportunity to make a fully informed decision regarding the treatment or service they believe will deliver their desired results. Before making a recommendation, your dedicated hair restoration specialist will document the specifics of your hair loss and the expectations you set. This information is considered against extensive training in several uniquely beneficial solutions engineered to deliver proven results.

At Elite Solutions, you can expect:

  • The relentless pursuit of perfection
  • A free, no-obligation hair-loss and scalp evaluation
  • Discreet, patient, and dignified confidential services
  • A team of highly trained and experienced hair-loss specialists
  • Professional, one-on-one personal service
  • A private building with off-street parking
  • Totally private styling rooms for both men and women receiving all types of hair and spa services
  • A business and personal philosophy that takes your confidentiality and privacy very seriously
  • The security of dealing with a firm that's been in business and continually growing since 1999

We're a different kind of hair restoration studio.

There's a reason that hair restoration has gotten a bad rap. The big-box hair clubs make their money by creating their own "store brand" solutions that mimic real advancements in hair restoration and prevention technology. Then they only give you access to their branded options, even if there's a better solution on the market. Their quality control is handled internally, and they're driven by volume. It's easy to see who wins in that scenario. It's definitely not about you.

Our team is accountable to you.

You've seen how a big business works. The people at the top really get it, and the people below them understand less and less. At Elite, we're not driven by volume. Cutting corners isn't an option. We won't shuffle you around to a different technician or stylist every time you come into our studio. We are a smaller, synergistic team of genuinely elite hair-restoration professionals, and we build our success by focusing on you. Limiting beliefs and shareholder value don't decide what works at Elite. You do.

Our Vision and Commitment

Since 1999, Elite Hair Loss Soluitons of Sacramento has been dedicated to providing our local and national clientele with access to the absolute highest quality of products & services possible. We made the commitment long ago to earn our business every day by providing discreet, complimentary no-pressure consultations, and by maintaining an impeccable reputation. The result has been our greatest compliment – a never-ending stream of client referrals. In addition to the mission that has kept us successful for so many years, you can also expect unsurpassed cleanliness, a comfortable and pleasant professional environment, and 100% client satisfaction.

Step 1: Create the Best Hair Restoration Team in Sacramento

The first step in becoming the top male and female hair loss solutions facility in Sacramento was to field the best staff possible, and to train them in conjunction with world-renowned hair replacement specialists. Our talented technicians have over 80 combined years of experience working with the most up-to-date styles and technologies. They have been personally trained in the headquarters of the companies that create the most admired and respected hair restoratives in the world. Recent technological breakthroughs now enable our staff to offer a wide range of clinical and cosmetic hair loss solutions to our clients, as well as state-of-the-art hair loss prevention services. Our staff is fully committed to our clients, and they receive intensive education on an ongoing basis.

Step 2: Establish an Independent Hair Studio

The second step in our development as a local market leader was to prove our commitment by selecting a first-class professional business facility. Many hair-restoration businesses enjoy the benefits of mall-style retail spaces that give them the freedom to "go out of business" or move locations at any time. Not us! Those same low-commitment spaces rob people experiencing hair loss of their privacy. We believe that every client deserves total discretion and confidentiality, regardless of whether he or she is trying to prevent hair loss, getting a facial, or restoring a full head of hair. Elite Solutions delivers privacy by providing private parking, private restrooms, and private styling rooms.

Step 3: Offer Unparalleled Access to Proven Solutions

In addition to the way corporate and chain hair-restoration centers expose their clients to a lack of secrecy, they also limit the array of options that can be used to benefit their clients. Being an independent studio gives us free reign to scour the world for the most innovative, efficient, and effective developments in hair-restoration science. When we find something that our clients need, we go straight to the source. Often this includes personalized training and individual certification for each member of our team. By pursuing excellence in both our products and how they are applied, we have managed to build a world-class hair restoration studio from the ground up, right here in Sacramento.

Put Elite Hair Loss Solutions to work for you.

If you would like free information regarding hair loss prevention, hair replacement, or other beauty enhancement alternatives, or if you're ready to visit our Sacramento studio to explore your options, please call

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  • Larry's Testimonial

    Having people who are as concerned as I was about my hair loss was comforting and reassuring. The make over from a little bit of hair to natural head of hair was amazing. I feel wonderful and so I am willing to travel to get the look I want and need. Thank you Elite Solutions you guys are the best.

    Larry – Reno, Nevada

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